If you want to stay and shop in London, the choice of hotels is extensive. Apart from deciding how much you are prepared to spend on accommodation, you will also need to consider where in London you want to stay. For example, in Greenwich there are several good hotels in all price-ranges, but these may not suit if you want to spend your two-day stay in the Capital shopping at Notting Hill and the King’s Road. London is a very large city, so it’s worth spending time in advance of your visit planning exactly where to stay and shop.

Go to our shopping map to see which hotels are close to the part of London you want to visit. Then click on your choice to see a photo of the area, view more details on, get the latest deals (these are normally shown as price per ROOM per night) and find out what previous guests have said about the hotel.

Shop around - there are more than 700 London hotels on and you can view in a dozen different languages - but try to be realistic in your expectations. While some excellent hotels are offering really good deals at the moment, you cannot expect 4 star accommodations at a 1 star price.

What do the star ratings mean?

The number of stars will provide an indication of quality of room, hospitality, service, food and facilities. ‘Enjoy England’, which regulates the English hotel quality assessment scheme suggests:

5 stars - Exceptional with a degree of luxury
4 stars - Excellent standard throughout
3 stars - Good level of quality and comfort
2 stars - Well presented and well run
1 star - Simple, practical, no frills

Even a 1 star hotel must meet an acceptable minimum standard. It will probably not have a restaurant on site, but it must be clean and meet fire safety standards. Don't forget to send your comments about your accommodation, good or bad to our hotel partners,

Full English Breakfast

Finally: a word about breakfast. Hotel details indicate whether breakfast is included in the room rate and whether it is English or continental breakfast. Full English breakfast is a joy - eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato or baked beans served with hot buttered toast - so expect to pay a little more for this.